Neighbors cruising south of Mockingbird on Abrams road will find a bumpy ride.

The busy neighborhood thoroughfare slimmed down to two lanes between St. Thomas Aquinas and Mockingbird, with barricades indicating moved lanes and uneven surfaces.

The road’s surfacing requires repairs to the concrete base under the asphalt, according to Johnny Sudbury from the Dallas Public Works Department.

Work began on the area on Nov. 30, and staff worked through December when the weather allowed. Rain and sub-40 degree temperatures can put a stop to the project throughout the winter.

After the removal of the old asphalt and repairs to the base, new pavement will be put down. Sudbury says that the repairs on the road will most likely finish before his conservative 6-8 week timeline, weather permitting.

The sign indicating that the project will finish in the fall of 2018 applies to various other locations throughout the city.

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