Like some sort of teasing troubadour, Dan Bradley seems to capture exactly what we’re all thinking about Dallas’ distinctive neighborhoods. His often-poetic prose range from the funny, like “Highland Park: Don’t act like you’re not impressed,” to political quips like “Texas is officially gay!”

The former graphic designer whips up his own word designs before plastering them on everything from t-shirts to beer koozies that are sold at his shop Bullzerk, which opened on Lowest Greenville in February.

While it wasn’t his original intent, Bradley says the store has become “a gift shop for locals.”

“I didn’t think it’d turn into a gift store, but it has,” he says, “but then people who come in to buy something for someone else always end up buying something for themselves too.”

Although he got the ball rolling, he refuses to take all the credit for all of the quippy slogans. The t-shirt sayings are the work of his entire team. Here’s what Bradley and store manager Jason Lising have to say about some of our favorite East Dallas t-shirts:

· I lived on Greenville before it was cool — “I made that because Greenville is full of hipsters who are always protecting their ‘hood,” Bradley says. “They’re like, ‘I’m not a tourist. This is my block. Don’t turn over my ‘hood.’ ”

· Lakewood: Home of the original dad bod — “Because everybody who lives in Lakewood has tattoos, drinks Starbucks and has a dad bod,” Bradley quips.

· Lowest Greenville: New look. Same great neighborhood. (Designed to look like the Coca-Cola logo) — “I wanted to do something that represented Lowest Greenville, not just Greenville,” Lising explains. “I decided to do that because the neighborhood was changing and looking better, but it was the same core neighborhood. I saw Coke cans that said, ‘We changed our look but it’s the same great flavor,’ and I thought it was the same thing here with the neighborhood.”

· M Streets: Brings all the boys to the yard — “Because everybody wants to live in the M Streets,” Bradley says.

· EAST DAL (Designed like a stencil cutout) — “That one was a request from a costumer,” Lising says. “There’s not really an idea behind it at all. I think it’s supposed to look like our ‘Defend Dallas’ design, but for East Dallas.” 

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