Sometimes I check my junk mail folder, but rarely do I find a bit of news this baffling:

Saturday, November 17th
An Intimate Evening with Constantine Maroulis
Bend – Dallas
5014 McKinney Avenue
8:00p / doors at 7:30p
* this show is close to selling out, please get your tickets in advance to assure your space *

Now, some of you (OK, not many of you) will no doubt remember Maroulis as an American Idol contestant of a few years back. He had a way with — oh, how should I delicately put this — making eye-love to the cameras that was attractive to 12-year-old girls the nation over and nauseating to the rest of us (I think the accompanying photo speaks volumes here). After that season ended, I thought he faded back into the oblivion that mercifully enfolds many a reality TV star.

So why is he playing Bend Studio, which usually welcomes the likes of kinder and gentler (not to mention less horrifically cheesy) musicians such as Charlie Sexton, Lakewood’s Creede Williams, etc. And why, for the love of God, is this show almost sold out?

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