2802 Swiss Ave. (Photo courtesy of Pioneers of Dallas County)

Swiss carpenter and furniture maker Joseph Schmid built 2802 Swiss Ave. for his family after immigrating to the United States in 1865.

He built several homes in the area in the Swiss chalet style, characterized by wide projecting roofs decorated with ornate wooden facades and balconies. But Schmid was tired of the “gingerbread” look and built his home without such ornamentation, according to a post on the Pioneers of Dallas County Facebook page.

The home was located on the corner of Swiss Ave. and William Tell, named after the play written by German dramatist Friedrich Schiller in 1804. The story focuses on the Swiss folk hero William Tell, who symbolized the Swiss struggle for independence from the Habsburg Empire.

The road was later renamed to Texas Street during World War II because William Tell sounded too German, according to the post. 

Over the years, the home returned to its Swiss roots with a wooden balcony and accents.

2802 Swiss Ave. (Photo from Google Maps)

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