Replanting efforts will begin this week on an approximately 5-acre swath at the Old Fish Hatchery, which was clear-cut last fall.

Oncor has partnered with the Texas Discovery Gardens to replant the area beneath its power lines that wildlife watchdogs say the energy company turned into a pile of mulch using bulldozers and heavy machinery.

The work will include removing invasive species that have regrown in the area, as well as general cleanup before planting and seeding begin.

Oncor is contracted with Texas Discovery Gardens for the next three years to ensure a successful replanting.

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department will also establish a long-term agreement with Oncor to collaborate on management of the area. The agreement will require an annual onsite inspection by both parties to avoid future clearing within the Old Fish Hatchery.

A friends group is being created to advocate for the nature area and provide volunteer efforts. Anyone interested in joining can contact District 9 park board representative Maria Hasbany at

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