Forget what you know of Final Girls Laurie Strode from “Halloween” and Sidney Prescott from “Scream.” In a new music video from Lakewood musician Chris J. Norwood, he flips the Final Girl trope into a more sinister role.

The video was shot in late September at Bowlski’s in the Lakewood Theater. The night before the shoot, a semi-truck crashed into a transformer, and the power went out in the neighborhood. When everyone arrived at 4:30 a.m. for their call time, the power had been restored everywhere except the block of the theater.

Norwood and co. decided to proceed with the shoot using a generator and battery-powered lights. After completing each scene, they hoped the power would miraculously return.

“It ended up helping us because it gave us a cool, spooky vibe and helped the look and feel of the video,” Norwood said. “As soon as the director called cut, the power came back on.”

In the video, director Randall Marsrow intelligently colors the theater’s patterned carpet and painted murals in shades of purple, blue and red that will have your heart pounding and fingers trembling, as if a killer was prowling the dark halls.

“I was going for a vintage, ’80s-horror-movie vibe,” Norwood said. “The theater has an old-school feeling to it. It’s got that spooky feeling to it, especially with the power out.”

“The Final Girl” is available Friday. Norwood’s second self-produced folk rock album “I Am Not Cool” is scheduled for release next spring by State Fair Records.

His first album, “Longshot,” was released three years ago, but Norwood has kept busy as a member of the band Texicana.

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