Pigs are known for eating pretty much anything. But it’s safe to say that poison isn’t safe for them to consume.

Wilbur, a domesticated pot-bellied pig that lives on Swiss Avenue, had a close call with death this weekend after eating what was thought to be lettuce laced with rat poison, neighbor Robert Cox said on Nextdoor.

Many neighbors love and recognize Wilbur as one of the pigs that works in the petting zoo during the State Fair of Texas. In the offseason, Wilbur is like any other pig that likes to scavenge in the backyard for food.

While his owner was away, Wilbur ate poisoned vegetation that neighbors once believed was intentionally thrown over the fence. His owner returned to find Wilbur in immediate need of medical aid. She rushed him to the vet, where he had his stomach pumped.

After further investigation, this neighborhood whodunit turned out to be an accident.

The house where Wilbur lives is a rental property, and one of the maintenance workers that the landlord sent to care for the lawn may have sprayed weed killer near the pig’s enclosure, Cox said. The landlord’s lawn crew now know not to spray smelly stuff around pigs because pigs like to eat smelly stuff.

Just to be on the safe side, cameras are being installed around the perimeter of Wilbur’s enclosure. After all, his work makes him a ward of the state.

“It’s a relief to learn that this was probably not a deliberate act after all,” Cox said on Nextdoor. “On behalf of Wilbur and his owner, thanks to all of you for your expressions of concern and support. Wilbur now knows that there are many, many good people out there who have his back.”

Stay safe Wilbur, and we’ll see you at the fair.

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