Leave it to East Dallas neighbor Erykah Badu to brighten a bleak situation.

In the midst of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the musician rocked a designer hazmat suit that — for a moment — made everyone forget their fear and think, “Where can I get one?”

Badu wore her “social distancing couture” to the Texas Film Awards, where she was being honored with the Filmmakers & Soundtrack Award.

Designed by the artist herself, the outfit features a white hazmat suit spray-painted with black and red Louis Vuitton logos. She paired the one-of-a-kind look with gloves, a mask and black, feathered heels.

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The look was the talk of the evening. Vogue wrote: “Her hazmat fashion moment is a creative way of addressing the fears and legitimate concerns people are dealing with in connection to the coronavirus outbreak.”

We can all take steps to prevent catching or spreading the coronavirus, and as Badu shows, we can also do it fashionably.

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