The Whippersnapper is transforming into Dunder Whiplin, a pop-up bar modeled after “The Office.”

America’s favorite office is taking over the The Whippersnapper in Knox-Henderson.

In January, the local watering hole at 1806 McMillan Ave. will welcome neighbors to Dunder Whiplin, Inc. Beverage Company.

The name is, of course, a riff on Dunder Mifflin Paper Company from the NBC sitcom, “The Office.” The mockumentary follows office workers in Scranton, Pennsylvania, whose hilarious attempts to survive another excruciating day at the office produced groundbreaking comedy television.

Dunder Whiplin is the third in a series of successful pop-ups The Whip opened about a year ago. The first pop-up was The Drunken Clam, a tribute to the TV show “Family Guy.” A Harry Potter-themed pop-up followed soon after.

The Whip will close Sunday for renovations and reopen Jan. 9 as Dunder Whiplin. The pop-up will run until Feb. 15 under normal hours, 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Expect employees in costume, photo booths, murals from the show and themed food and drinks.

This fan can only hope there will be bears, beets and Battlestar Galactica.

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