Before reading this, take a deep breath and remember it’s all going to be OK. You won’t have to give up avocado toast or chips and guacamole, but you will likely have to pay more for them.

That’s because avocado prices are skyrocketing because of high demand. USA Today reported that, in July, the average price of an avocado was $2.10. That’s almost a dollar more than the year before, when the national average was $1.17.

The spike has caused some neighborhood eateries, such as Buzzbrews, to raise prices for avocado food items. Diners at the restaurant will find a notice near the front about the price increase.

A notice to customers at Buzzbrews about a temporary price hike for avocados. (Photo by Jehadu Abshiro.)

An avocado that once cost $1.99 will now cost $2.69. The price of a guacamole cup is now $9.99, and adding chips will cost $1 extra.

Lest you start worrying about the impending avocado crisis, experts think the high prices may be only temporary. They’re expected to stabilize over the next month when Mexican production reaches full swing.

Until then, I’d suggest rationing your avocado intake unless you’re prepared to pay extra.

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