The Slater living room. (Photo courtesy of Airbnb.)

A new ’90s-themed Airbnb has opened on Lower Greenville, and it is a brightly colored love letter to the decade guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again.

The house is lovingly dubbed “The Slater” in honor of the lovable jock from “Saved by the Bell.”

The nostalgia factors are in every corner of the two-bedroom home. Vintage cereal boxes are in the kitchen, and a five-piece poster set depicts each member of New Kids on the Block. Vintage editions of Big Bopper are scattered on the table in the living room, waiting for you to discover which teen heartthrob is single.

The bedroom with New Kids on the Block posters. (Photo courtesy of Airbnb.)

The house is brought to life by Jeremy and Kelsey Turner, a Dallas couple who claim to be “superhosts.” The duo is also responsible for an ’80s themed Airbnb that went viral last year.

Guests who have stayed have already taken to the website to proclaim their love for the house, describing the blast from the past, as well as the incredible service from the hosts. One user wrote, “I felt transported to my childhood or an episode of “Saved by the Bell.” Every imaginable sugary cereal in the kitchen! Open up all the lockers for a secret surprise! It’s like a ’90s museum.”

The kitchen themed from the diner in “Saved by the Bell.” (Photo courtesy of Airbnb.)

The house isn’t just fun for the eyes, though. Each room features vintage game consoles, including the N64 and a VHS player. In the morning, enjoy a cereal bar and Pop-Tarts in the diner-themed kitchen named after the diner from “Saved by the Bell.”

If you are interested in taking a trip down memory lane, the house is available for $130 per night and fits up to seven guests.

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