East Dallas churches show support for LGBT community after controversial vote

East Dallas churches are covering “United Methodist” on their street signs with rainbow pride flags to show support for same-sex marriage and gay clergy after the passage of the Traditional Plan at the United Methodist Church’s General Conference in late February.

Lakewood United Methodist Church covered its sign on Abrams Road and changed its Facebook profile picture to a multicolored drawing of the church building. In a letter to the congregation, the Rev. Patrick Littlefield said his church would continue to work toward affirming LGBT candidates for ordination and supporting the leadership and inherent value of LGBT people.

“A message of bigotry was shouted into our world by an institution that I have been ordained into and many have found a home in. That is not OK,” he wrote. “I disagree with any message of hate or discrimination against the LGBT community, and I know Lakewood UMC does too.”

Grace United Methodist Church on Junius Street also shared a picture of its rainbow-covered sign on its website. Across the city, churches in Preston Hollow and West Dallas have let their pride flags fly, Dallas Voice reported.

The show of support comes days after the global United Methodist Church voted to continue its opposition to same-sex marriages and gay clergy members. A group of more than 800 clergy and lay leaders voted Feb. 26 to affirm the Church’s traditional view of sexuality, the Washington Post reported. The vote also allows for more harsh punishments for clergy who disobey the rules.

The option to continue with the traditional view of sexuality passed with 53 percent of delegates voting in favor. The Church also considered options that would have allowed local churches to choose their stance on sexuality or possibly split the church into two denominations, according to the Post.

Is your church showing support for the LGBT community? Let us know in the comments.

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