Why The Grape is discontinuing Sunday brunch

Before you read this, you may want to make sure there’s a fainting couch nearby…because The Grape is discontinuing its brunch service.

This Sunday will be the last time customers can order brunch at the eatery, which has been open at 2808 Greenville Ave. since 1972, owner Brian Luscher said Tuesday in a news release.

“After much consideration and some applied mathematics, I have decided to discontinue Sunday Brunch service at The Grape,” Luscher said. “I’m just making a business decision — one that we did not take lightly. Generally speaking, in order for a business to be viable, it must generate a reasonable net profit.”

The move does not mean The Grape is on the brink of closing its doors. The owner said the small number of guests ordering Sunday brunch is simply not worth the work and products necessary to execute the service.  

Discontinuing Sunday brunch comes about 11 years after Luscher launched the service in 2007, the Dallas Observer reported. It became famous across the state after Texas Monthly named its burger one of the best in Texas.

The restaurant will still offer the burger Sunday and Monday nights on a first-come, first-served basis. The eatery will also continue serving dinner seven nights a week.

“There are more restaurants offering brunch options than in the history of our vibrant, amazing and ever-growing city,” Luscher said. “We are smack-dab in the heady days of an unprecedented period of growth in the restaurant industry. A boom that is not without its challenges or its opportunities.”

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