As it turns out, Lower Greenville is a battlefield in the war between Sam’s Club and Amazon.

After Amazon Go’s cashier-less store made headlines, Sam’s Club announced it’s transforming the former Walmart Neighborhood Market in Lower Greenville into a Sam’s Club Now.

What that means is customers will use the club’s Scan & Go app to scan the items in their cart and pay using their phones. The process won’t be completely robotic, though, considering an employee will scan shoppers’ phones one final time as they leave the store.

The Verge described it as “turning the entire store into a continuous self-checkout stand.”

Sam’s Club also is testing technology that creates automatic shopping lists, navigates where to find store items and even augments reality.

“We’ll test electronic shelf labels that will instantly update prices, removing the need to print and replace new item price signs,” Sam’s Club CEO Jamie Iannone wrote. “And down the road, we’ll use the more than 700 cameras in the club to help us manage inventory in new ways and optimize the layout to make shopping effortless.”

Does this mean we’re one step closer to “Wall-E” becoming a reality? Probably.

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