Woodrow Wilson High School in East Dallas has the highest number of transfer students of any of Dallas ISD’s high schools, outside of magnet and public choice schools. The school is popular district-wide and even with families outside of Dallas ISD, and its popularity has led to overcrowding concerns. We wanted to know more.

What we asked for: How many students are transferring to Woodrow, where they are coming from, and what their demographics are.

What we found out: Woodrow has 595 transfer students on campus this year, including 194 who are new to the school this year. Twenty other DISD high schools and nine other school districts are represented in Woodrow’s student body. Bryan Adams families send 189 of their children to Woodrow, followed by James Madison (101), Skyline (83) and out-of-district families (45).

What we still don’t know: Though we asked for transfer students’ home elementary schools and demographics, we were told that “the transfer office maintains information on the high school and middle school the student is transferring from, not the elementary school. The transfer application does not require demographics (ethnicity and social economic status). Therefore, this information is not available.”

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