Our neighborhood takes another step into the food-trend deep end with a pickle place at Fitzhugh and Bryan in Old East Dallas.

Pickletopia is set to arrive late in the summer, according to Dallas CultureMap. Local chef Lee Thielen says the eatery will be pickling much more than just cucumbers. Carrots, okra and sauerkraut also will be part of the menu, which he wants to follow seasonal veggies. Thielen says he wants to support local farmers with his products.

He also sings the praises of pickling’s health benefits. “Probiotics have become popular, and the fact is that it works,” he told CultureMap. “We’re learning that gut health is the best health, and part of that is fermented foods like pickles.”

The summer heat is causing restaurants to bite the dust on Lower Greenville, as both Pints and Quarts and Blind Butcher shuttered their doors recently.

Blind Butcher owners Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling made a push in January to save the business by jumping behind the bar themselves and making a public appeal to support local business. But in a Facebook post on Tuesday, they announced the last day of business would be this Sunday. They said Blind Butcher sausage will be available at Goodfriend Package.

“This is a day that we tried very hard to avoid and we want to thank all of you that helped us stick around this long,” reads the post. “Our staff have been steadfast in their support and have been as great as any business owner could have hoped. To our loyal customers over the years, we say thank you.’

Just down Greenville, Pints and Quarts looks to be closing. Last summer, the burger shop opened another location in Uptown, and it looks as though they have consolidated their forces on the other side of Central Expressway.

The location battled constant Greenville and Ross construction as well as a parking squeeze as the strip behind it on the southwest corner filled with other popular establishments.

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