These dockless electric scooters could be coming to a bike path near you (photo by Carly Mask via LimeBike).

For those who enjoy the convenience and adventure of shared vehicles, another ride might be rolling into the neighborhood. For those who see the bikes as clutter, some bad and good news are on the way.

At City Hall yesterday, LimeBike and another California company called Bird showcased dockless electric scooters for City Council members. Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Morning News reported that current Dallas city code outlaws electric scooters on streets and sidewalks, but allows them on public bike paths or trails like the ones that run through East Dallas. LimeBike won’t be deploying any electric scooters anywhere until they are approved by the city.

Wilonsky also reported that Dallas will have a dockless bicycle ordinance regulating the bikes and scooters sooner rather than later. The regulations could include franchise fees that will go toward the city’s bicycle infrastructure and rules about where they can be parked and for how long. Jared White, the city’s transportation planner, says that city staff is drafting an ordinance that could be presented to the mobility committee in the coming weeks. It could be voted on by the City Council as soon as May of this year.

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