The suspected porch pirate is international news

Photo courtesy of Sheri Beach

It isn’t every day that a neighborhood news story makes it across the pond, but it seems that the package pilfering porch pirate of East Dallas struck a nerve all over the world.

Picked up by nearly every news outlet in town as well as by national news companies, the story was juicy enough to get a segment on Headline News. The alleged thief’s neighbor Aubrey White described two full police cars worth of packages removed from suspect Kelli Russell’s apartment. According to the report, Russell asked neighbors to watch for packages on her doorstep when she was away. Oh, the irony.

The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail picked up the story as well, noting that White recognized Russell, who was a model and bartender, on the surveillance camera footage, leading to her arrest. The post discusses her GoFundMe page, where she raised $335 toward her goal of $2,000 for a new car, as well as her modeling page.

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