Photo by Trey Kazee

Neighbor Lindsay Graham (no, not the senator) is an audio producer turned podcaster whose newest release is number one on iTunes podcast charts.

The Lochwood resident narrates and produces “American History Tellers,” where he talks with experts and professors about different historical periods. The podcast asks listeners to imagine key historical moments from the perspective of the average person rather than from those in power.

The first three episodes dropped on Wednesday, with a new episode to be released each Wednesday moving forward. The series will look back at the Cold War, which Graham says is both personal and timely.

“I am a cold war kid,” he says. “I rode my bike by the bomb shelter at the local high school.”

Graham notes the similarity between today’s headlines and those of the Cold War. “No one can ignore the parallels of the headlines today to those in the ’70s and ’80s,” he says. “We are investigating claims of Russian espionage and dealing with nuclear capabilities being threatened on the Korean peninsula.”

Graham’s background in audio engineering and producing music for radio and television led him to podcasting. He created “Terms,” a fictional dramatic podcast about an outspoken Republican president who loses the popular vote but wins the electoral college. His idea predated President Trump’s election.

Graham says the podcast is well received by history buffs and educators alike, highlighting a review by a history teacher about sharing the podcast with her students. “If it is something she can share with her students, educating and entertaining them all along the way, then that is public service,” he says.

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