Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The Dallas Parks and Recreation Board unanimously voted to approve an agreement between the city and Dallas United Crew (DUC) to build a portable equipment shelter at White Rock Lake.

In 2012, the board approved a deal for the rowing club to build a boathouse. Then, in 2015, they elected to terminate the agreement when the group didn’t meet its fundraising goals. Since then, DUC worked with stakeholders around the lake and the city to find a permanent solution to store their boats and equipment.

The agreement says that DUC is to build a structure in the next two years, and that it must be portable. DUC also will manage parking in the area, with an option to improve and expand the public dock. The structure will go in the location of the old Snipes Club on the east side of the lake, between the other two sailing clubs at White Rock.

According to the agreement, 10 percent of DUC’s annual gross receipts will go toward collegiate needs-based scholarships, and its members will continue to volunteer with For the Love of the Lake. It requires DUC to hold four on-campus recruiting events at Dallas ISD schools, introductory learn-to-row events for the community and provide at least one needs-based scholarship to row.

The contract will be for five years, with two five-year renewals available. DUC is continuing to work toward a permanent solution to store their boats. The agreement will go before the City Council in December.

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