Soon neighbors will know exactly how badly they are speeding on Abrams

Drivers on Abrams will soon be reminded by signs like this one on Abrams.

The neighborhood failed the speeding test on Abrams Road, and now there will be consequences.

The city’s speed study found that most drivers are comfortable driving at 45 mph on Abrams, according to a Facebook post by District 9 City Councilman Mark Clayton. The posted speed limit is 35 mph.

The city will soon install a few measures in an attempt to slow traffic down on the street, where there was a recent fatality and numerous cars flying into front yards. During the speed study, cops were positioned along the street, and despite the Advocate’s stern warnings, over 150 tickets were issued in just four days.

Additional speed limit signs as well as a pair of radar speed feedback signs will be installed by Dec. 15 to remind drivers of just how far above the speed limit they are going.

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  • Philip Kingston

    Better crosswalks with lights, and I’d like to do a road diet from Mockingbird to Gaston

  • Kelly Nash

    What is street infrastructure? You mean more stoplights? All for that. Pedestrians trying to cross the street for bus stops take their lives in their hands.

  • Non Believer

    I avoid Abrams at all costs. Besides careless drivers and speeding vehicles, the pavement is in such rough, poor condition. Why doesn’t the city do something about that?

  • Philip Kingston

    These signs are a complete waste of money. Nothing will change until we change the street infrastructure

  • So now the idiots can compete for the high score.