Look: The Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge is finally complete

Neighbors have been suffering through closed lanes on Mockingbird for weeks now, but all that traffic might be worth it now that the Katy Trail extension bridge has been completed over Mockingbird Lane. The bridge, which helps connect the Katy Trail to Ridgewood Trail, will allow cyclists and runners to travel from White Rock Lake to Victory Plaza by trail.

The bridge will also be a part of a larger project called The Loop, which is over 50 miles of trail connecting White Rock Lake, the Great Trinity Forest and Downtown, partially funded by the Circuit Trial Conservancy. The white, steel columns that rise above the bridge align the bridge with the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge in West Dallas. The construction has access points on both sides of Mockingbird so that neighbors don’t have to play frogger should they want to cross the street.

This Saturday, the University Crossing Public Improvement District and Mockingbird Station are hosting an event on from 9 to 11 a.m. in Glencoe Park and from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Mockingbird Station. There will be food and games to celebrate the opening of the bridge.

The new extension will be joined by many other cycling improvements should the bond pass next week. See more pictures below.

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  • Melanie Vanlandingham

    This bridge design is hardly cliche: it’s an inspired solution based on severe site constraints. A typical bridge with multiple towers and/or large abutments could not even be built in this location. This cool design solution is perfect for the setting in ways no one can see! It’s a cable-stayed bridge with leaning towers that are not only cool visually, but they are structurally genius since the massive footings had to completely avoid the maze of underground utilities AND the large underground DART train tunnel below, while keeping the bridge suspended above and within the very narrow trail right-of-way. The rails and fencing not only meet protective requirements, they seamlessly fit the lines and required design of the towers. This bridge type is generally less expensive than other bridge designs and was faster to construct over the very busy Mockingbird Lane. It’s a genius, functional design that is also visually exciting. Kudos to the design team!

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  • CitizenKane

    Ahoy matties !.

    Boring architecture; this whole “white pole” bridge architecture is now a cliche……….Dallas could have done a whole lot better.

  • ccrombar

    Great article and excited about the bridge!

  • Will Maddox

    Thanks B-Rad!

  • Brad McConkey

    Nice pics Will. Excited to run it.