Photo Courtesy of Snow Baby

A new dessert option is headed to Lakewood Shopping Center in December. Snow Baby, an international take on shaved ice, will come to fruition before the end of the year.

Lakewood neighbor Chrissy Kuo quit her job in August of 2016 to start Snow Baby after trying Taiwanese shaved ice overseas. She thought it would be cool to bring to Dallas, but when she looked into the ingredients most places used, she learned it was made with preservatives, artificial sweeteners and something called dipotassium phosphate.

Kuo wanted to take the “freshly fallen snow” texture of the ice and create a healthier, more natural option for desert. Snow Baby uses natural sweeteners and fresh fruit, which distinguishes it from other shaved ice businesses. It will also partner with Unrefined Bakery for gluten-free options, White Rock Coffee for their coffee flavor and local farmers markets for their fresh fruit, which is both in the shaved ice and served on the side.

“The clean aspect of Snow Baby is what makes it different,” she says. “We want to keep everything as local as possible.”

Snow Baby will keep it simple at first, with vanilla bean, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, green tea, cream and coconut flavors, all of which have non-dairy options. Prices will range from $4-$7, and are served with fresh fruit on the side.

Kuo, who has two children and one at Lakewood Elementary, has been active in Lakewood Early Childhood PTA  and hopes to lean on her connections in the neighborhood to build a customer base. “It’s one less thing to feel guilty about serving your kids,” she says.

After doing private events and pop-ups for the past several months, Kuo hopes open the doors in December in the Lakewood Shopping Center at 6404 Gaston Ave., where Sport Clips used to be. She says they will wait until it warms up in March or April for a grand opening.

Urban Taco expanded its Mockingbird Station footprint when it opened in a new location in the shopping center. Now adjacent to the Angelika Theater, the new location will include a larger interior and patio. Mockingbird Station was the first location for Urban Taco opening in 2007, with the Mckinney Avenue location opening in 2010.

The new patio at Urban Taco (Photo courtesy of Urban Taco)

Delivery drivers from Jimmy Johns on Greenville near Lovers Lane have been assaulted multiple times during sandwich deliveries, prompting the manager to consider ending the service.

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