City plans to remove trees near Lakewood Park, attend this meeting to have your say

Photo courtesy of The City of Dallas

The Dallas Park Department has plans to remove trees from the Blackland Prairie along Williamson Road, and will be holding a meeting to inform the public.

The city is focusing on what it calls “rogue tree plantings,” which can damage the prairie. In an email to neighborhood leaders, Park Department Area Manager Shana Hamilton wrote, “Removing these trees will benefit the Blackland Prairie significantly. Our goal is remove the smaller trees before they cast shade onto the prairie, stifling the growth of native plants and flowers.”

Of the 29 trees in the prairie on the east side of Williamson and south of Lakewood Park, the city plans to keep eight, relocate two and remove 19. Of the removed trees, nine of them are pecan trees and three are Caddo maple. Siberian elm, plum, live oak, Shumard oak and black walnut are among the trees that will remain. Many of the trees that are schedule to be removed are small and cannot be seen from the aerial photo (see above).

The meeting will be this Thursday, Sept. 21, at 3 p.m. at Lakewood Park. Neighbors can voice their opinion and tour the area before the city completes the work.

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