Henderson’s Stellar is now a ‘completely new concept’ called Bar Stellar, but it still seems familiar

Bar Stellar may look a bit different on the inside than the original Stellar, shown here.

Stellar, a short-lived bar on Henderson that opened in the Vickery Park space on April 29 of this year, has been sold, renamed and revamped. The new bar will be called Bar Stellar, and has a new owner in 21 year-old SMU undergrad Francois Reihani, who opened Pok the Raw Bar earlier this year.

Stellar was panned by the Dallas Observer, leaving Beth Rankin so bewildered that she wondered if she was on “Candid Camera.” It’s hard to come back from that, but Reihani is attempting to rebrand the space with his own signature style.

According to Bar Stellar’s PR team, the new bar will be “a completely new concept,” with “a brand new cocktail and bar bites menu,” but there are definitely some renamed remnants from the original Stellar menu.

Bar Stellar will have a drink called Cloud Nine, which includes vodka, blueberries, lemon, dry ice and cotton candy. The original Stellar had a drink called Pinky’s Out of Jail, which had nearly the same ingredients, with champagne instead of cotton candy. The new Bar Stellar has a drink called Wildfire, which shares the same foundation — Makers Mark, a sugar cube, a cherry, angostura bitters and even a flaming orange peel — as an old Stellar’s drink called Word from the Bird.

A Bar Stellar press release has promised an exterior and interior makeover, “with wall coverings reminiscent of the iconic Martinique banana palm leaves that adorn the Beverly Hills Hotel” and a patio that has a “Miami-chic vibe.”

Bar Stellar will open in early September.

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