Illustration by Brian SmithWater has always been a big deal in East Dallas. Dallas wanted to annex its neighbor to the east in part because we had the “finest water system in North Texas,” The Dallas Morning News reported in 1966. It began with a standpipe above a well at Gaston and Haskell, which provided proper water pressure to the city’s first 8,000 residents in the 1880s. Cut forward to 1923, when the city built the towering Lakewood Heights standpipes, which stood 100-feet tall with a 60-foot diameter and a capacity of 2 million gallons each. Situated at Abrams and Goliad, they provided water for the neighborhood until 1955, when the city sold one of the water tanks to Tarrant County, which spent a painstaking 40 days taking apart and reassembling the massive structure. (Source: The Dallas Morning News)

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