Garland Road development with retail, restaurants coming soon

Brand Capital Partners Rendering of the property on Garland Road.

The former home of long-time East Dallas bookstore Lucky Dog Books is ready for a makeover, where developers Brand Capital Partners hope to bring restaurants and retail into the soon-to-be renovated space at 10801 Garland, near the intersection with Easton. An updated development package describes a place “where you can dine on a beautiful patio, enjoy the cool night air and relax in your own neighborhood.”

Jeff Brand, of Brand Capital Partners, says they are meeting with several restaurants interested in the property but don’t have any specific tenants just yet. Brand mentioned that two or three businesses could occupy the space, including non-restaurant options as well.

“We are hoping to add restaurants that will be beneficial to the community, and would appeal to both families and young couples,” he says. “We are interested in having a coffee shop like White Rock Coffee or Cultivar move into the space.”

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Brand hopes to take advantage of the post-church brunch crowd, citing the number of churches along Garland Road. He wants to continue the expansion of local, quality restaurants up and down the thoroughfare. “We are trying to make a connection between our location and the restaurants at Peavy and Garland, which we call the ‘Brooklyn of Dallas.'” says Brand, referring to hipster businesses like Goodfriend Package and Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House.

Brand also plans to boost the artistry of the center with murals and other public displays.

The conceptual site plan offers 7,100 square feet inside, with a 2,900-square-foot patio and more than 5,000 square feet of green space. There will also be 55 covered parking spaces. The development plan describes the space as “relaxed, natural and eclectic.”

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  • BOB

    I have lived here most all my life and get tired of people (developers) wanting to use some other location (Brooklyn) as a way to attract interest in a venue/location in our fair city. Personally I have no interest in being compared or have a resemblance to NY. Understand, I have no issue with NY, but for most of us that live here, life does not revolve around NYC or Brooklyn so why bring the comparison here. Over the last several years, Dallas has organically started to show its own personality and culture, which is also the reason developers want to be here. Many of us that live in East Dallas are glad we live in East Dallas and in-fact will tell people “I live in East Dallas”. Change/remove your tag line and it will help.

  • Chris Unruh

    I guess we’d have to get folks to start going back to church if there’s to be a post-church-going crowd. P.S… not too many church goers in the ‘real’ Brooklyn. Not against progress but not into pushing good folks around either. #progresswithaconscience anyone?

  • tom cat

    Are they going to allow a drive through restaurant or let the neighborhood decide on this one?

  • Non Believer

    Me smells $18.00 burgers on the grill! Oh, and is that a bearded hipster I see shaking craft cocktails behind the bar? The gentrification train is pulling into the station.

  • Brittany

    The Brooklyn of Dallas is actually Bishop Arts District but we could coin it 2.0!