For the second time, woman climbs a tree to save it from Oncor

White Rock Lake neighbor Jeri Huber is clearly a dendrophilia, one who loves trees, based on the number she’s climbed to save them. If you heard helicopters swarming around the lake this morning, it was likely news choppers trying to get a shot of Huber clasping the branches of her latest rescue mission.

NBC DFW reports that Huber crawled into the tree in the 7100 block of her Westlake Avenue home to prevent Oncor from cutting it down. She later got down when crews said they would return with a restraining order.

Huber made waves seven years ago when she pulled a similar move to protect a threatened pecan tree, but that time she was armed with a pellet gun, NBC DFW reported at the time.

Oncor regularly has to cut back or cut down neighborhood trees to make room for power lines, a practice that has gotten a rise out of neighbors in the past. The company also has a history of offering Dallas residents free trees, to replace the neighborhood stock after trees are removed.

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  • Lindy Rainer

    They’re in the powerline protection (keep electricity flowing) business….NOT the powerline threatening tree removal business. Arborilogical Services, Inc. or any other tree cutting service would be required to trim the trees exactly as they are already being trimmed. Which company doing the trimming when creating clearance from powerlines doesn’t matter except for varying cost and ASI is NOT an inexpensive company. All companies will have the same instructions and limitations when trimming to protect powerlines. They will not be paid to make the tree pretty…only unable to be damaging powerlines. What the trimmed tree looks like afterward is not a safety issue.

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  • Lindy Rainer

    It doesn’t matter where they are. If branches are within 15′ of powerlines…they will be cut to protect from power outages. Branches closer than that can cause outages. Oncor’s crews have no responsibility to trim beautifly…their goal is NO OUTAGES from fallen or rubbing branches. If it’s within 15′ of power lines…they cut it. And since they cut it we have no fallen branch caused outages! The trees end up ugly because they grew in the wrong place!

  • Jeff McDowell

    The trees I am referring to are on city land in a creek

  • Jason S. Thomas

    If people would control there trees than oncor shouldn’t have to cut them. Cut them yourself if you don’t like it!

  • Jeff McDowell

    It wouldn’t be so bad if Oncor used arborists like Arborilogical Services, Inc. to appropriately trim back the trees. There are many Oncor has butchered in my neighborhood. It would have been better to just cut them down completely instead of leaving an eye sore.