We’ve got a new favorite tradition here at the Advocate: our annual loose pig story. Our neighborhood is clearly fond of these four-legged friends based solely on the number that end up roaming our streets.

Eleanor Pigby (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

First there was sweet Eleanor Pigby, who went on a two-day romp around Far East Dallas in 2015, eating flowers and living it up like Wilbur at the fair in “Charlotte’s Web.” After wandering off while her human was out of town, social media helped her find her way back home, and later, onto the cover of our pet edition. We were sad to report her death last October.

In 2016, a pair of pigs were spotted strolling through Lochwood after slipping out from under the fence. Neighbors said the pigs were a regular sight in the area.

The same can be said for our latest loose swine — meet Bacon of White Rock Lake. He’s become a regular snout around White Rock Drive on the east side of the lake, so much so that Sgt. Michael Mata has gotten to know the pig. Check out his Twitter post:


Mata regularly rounds up Bacon and returns him to owner Keith Brooks, WFAA reports. Brooks told WFAA that the tricky porker knows how to push rocks and escape from under the fence. He heads out for walks, but usually he gets turned in to the cops (there’s a crude pig joke to be made here but we respect law enforcement too much for that). Clearly Mata has fun with the roaming Bacon, but that may soon come to an end.

Brooks told WFAA the escape-artist pig has become too much of a problem, and he plans to re-home him. But Bacon will only go to a family that will treat him like a pet, not a breakfast delight.

Check out WFAA’s full report:

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