New stoplight to help manage traffic on Gaston at Arboretum Village

Traveling down Gaston by Arboretum Village can be terrifying between poor visibility in the arcing road, moderate rates of speed and drivers entering and exiting shopping centers on either side of the road. The long-debated Garland-Grand-Gaston intersection will be overhauled in the coming months, but as soon as this summer Gaston could see some relief in the form of a stoplight.

The new light will be installed at Gaston and Tucker Street to help move traffic in and out of the surrounding shopping centers, which contain popular businesses like Cane Rosso, The Goat and Tom Thumb. It should be especially helpful at rush hour when Gaston is often backed up with cars, blocking access to the shopping centers.

District 9 Councilman Mark Clayton was not entirely sure when construction would start, saying “probably mid-summer.”

Clayton announced the news on his Facebook page. Most commenters were enthusiastic about the new light, but several warned that it must be well-synced to avoid adding to the Garland-Grand-Gaston traffic.

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