Lennar plans new apartments, retail on Garland Road

A design for retail/apartments that Lennar built in Minnesota

Lennar Multifamily Communities wants to build a mixed-use development of apartments and retail on Garland Road near Buckner.

The company, a subsidiary of Miami-based homebuilder Lennar Corp., is requesting a zoning change for the two lots between Fire Station No. 31 and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, formerly Doctor’s Hospital.

One of the properties, at 9353 Garland Road, is the current home of White Rock Community Church. And the other, at 9335 Garland Parkway, is a medical office.

While Lennar’s zoning-change application requests a new planned development district “to allow for multifamily residential and retail,” it doesn’t specify what kind of density they’re seeking. How many stories, how many apartments and how much retail space they’ll be requesting remains to be seen.

A representative from Lennar, Todd Cook, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This would be the first new apartment complex on that part of Garland Road since the housing bust.

Lennar in 2015 set up a $1.1-billion fund to build and hold apartments in as many as 25 major U.S. Markets, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company has one new apartment complex in Las Colinas, one in Oak Lawn and one near Glencoe Park. They also have a 23-story high-rise under construction in Victory Park.

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  • plsiii

    This is not a done deal, please contact your council person!

  • Du-Oh

    So out of curiosity, what will become of the church? Does the church not own the building and the lot?
    I too, am dismayed by the tought of Victory Park/Oaklawn, lego style highrises that greatly impact the area. Do we need such an influx of what will, no doubt, be expensive ($1500-$2000) apartments? What are the current rental rates for the apartments already built in that area?
    It is bad enough already driving along Garland Road during morning rush hour, as aome idiots (who live in the apartments beside the old Doctor’s professional building) try to pull out onto eastbound Garland Rd. I’ve witnessed several near misses just over the last month or so, at what is already a treacherous stretch of Garland Road.
    I’m sure it’s already a done deal, as the City has probably already received some goodwill donation to expedite changing the zoning for the height restriction there.
    This is the start of increased density for nonother purpose than greed on the part of the builder.

  • Carol Bell-Walton

    After attending the meeting, I cannot imagine a rendering that is further off the mark than the apartment building pictured here. Lennar’s whole intent is to bust the height restriction on Garland Road, so why show one story retail fronting Garland Road?