Many of the items on Toasted’s menu come from looking at California’s food trends. Photo by Kathy Tran

Many of the items on Toasted’s menu come from looking at California’s
food trends. Photo by Kathy Tran

A West Coast-inspired eatery is bringing artisanal toast to Lower Greenville—and they’re just getting started.

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen is one of those places that, 50 years ago, would have received more than a few questioning stares in Dallas. But in today’s foodie culture, it just works.

Though still new — it only opened in early November — the eatery has pushed past the hearty meals the city is known for to offer a lighter fare that’s right on trend. One might even say Toasted was plucked from a popular street in San Francisco and set down at its current location on Ross.

Actually, Bob Sinnott, who co-founded the place with business partner Joel Roldan, is one of the first to say that they want to create that West Coast atmosphere. This is where artisanal or gourmet toast has become increasingly popular, he points out, leading cities like New York, and now Dallas, to catch onto the trend. But when the fad first started, the two men realized Dallas didn’t have anything that offered this kind of food. So of course it was decided to open a spot that did just that. The location was a no-brainer as it’s near the area both founders live and, as Sinnott describes it, Ross has become the corridor between East Dallas and downtown.

“We wanted to be the first toast-centric restaurant in DFW,” Sinnott says.

But for the owners, it’s more than just coming in to eat. It’s a show bakery where patrons can watch as their toast creation is made and smell the aroma of the bread being warmed. Sinnott is quick to point out that what goes on that bread, once toasted, leads to creations that are more than just your average grilled cheese — it’s sweet goat cheese with pear slices and honey drizzle; it’s ricotta with basil and strawberries; it’s brie, pecans and avocado-chocolate ganache. Then there’s always the option for coffee or even a specialty cocktail from the bar. There are plans to expand the menu with brunch options and more protein.

For now though, it’s about keeping that bread toasted and making sure stomachs are satisfied.

“People think of toast as a breakfast item or a snack item; we want people to come in for lunch and dinner and enjoy the homemade bread,” Sinnott says, adding that this venue isn’t your everyday Starbucks but that “it’s a restaurant that’s different from any other.”

Did you know: If Bob Sinnott’s name sounds familiar, it’s likely because he’s the godfather of our neighborhood’s biggest social media obsession: the Lakewood, Dallas Facebook page. 

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen
Ambiance: West Coast casual
Prince range: $4 – $12
Hours: Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
5420 Ross

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