Little Woodrow's opened last September

Little Woodrow’s opened last September

Little Woodrow’s, a bar and restaurant located on Ross Avenue in the East Dallas area, is garnering much attention for its stance on tattoos, after a lawyer for the company told reporters it would not serve people with face and neck ink.

Despite the name, Little Woodrow’s is not related to the nearby high school, but rather is part of a chain with stores in Houston, Austin and San Antonio, to name a few.

The controversy began when a Midland man, Joeseff Rivera, posted a Facebook video in front of the Midland location decrying the dress code, which prohibits visible above-the-collar tats.

Attorney Philip Brinson, Little Woodrow’s representation, told an Odessa reporter that company dress code simply requires anyone with a face or neck tattoo to cover up.

“Brinson also said most tattoos are fine but it’s neck and facial tattoos that have to be covered. [Some] Facebook [users] however, [were] under a different impression. Comments like ‘don’t go if you have tattoos because they will turn you away,’ were posted on Little Woodrow’s Facebook page[s].

Another person asked the restaurant and bar if the refusal of service claims were true.

‘We do not prohibit anyone from having tattoos and entering the establishment. We prefer that there be no face or neck tattoos,’ Brinson said.”

Presumably the code goes for all locations.

We reached out to the Dallas branch to check that the same rules are enforced and whether they will be enacted at other establishments (i.e. Kirby Ice House) also owned by the Little Woodrow’s on Ross owner; they referred us to the aforementioned attorney, who will be the only one commenting on the issue, they say.

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