RIP Eleanor Pigby, East Dallas’ runaway swine and Advocate cover pig


Eleanor Pigby captured the whole city’s heart when the East Dallas pig escaped her yard and went on the lam for a few days, where she was randomly spotted around the neighborhood eating flowers and generally being adorable. The hashtag #EleanorPigby began trending around Dallas as nearly every news media picked up the story, including us. Luckily, a good samaritan got her home safely to owner Laurel Holt.

Sadly, Holt reported Wednesday that the beloved pig had died after a brief illness. She was 3.

We at the Advocate were especially saddened to hear this news, Eleanor was our cover pig in the September 2015 edition. She did not love the car ride over to our office or the elevator up to the photo studio, but once in front of the camera, she was a complete natural. Eleanor Pigby was made for stardom, and in her short life she made sure to get plenty of time in the limelight. That’ll do, pig.


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