TXDOT schedules meeting for troublesome Garland, Gaston, Grand intersection


Next month a meeting will be held to discuss possible improvements to the headache-inducing intersection of Garland, Gaston and Grand.

“That is not the most user-friendly intersection of all time,” says City Councilman Mark Clayton.

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Clayton’s office has been working with state representatives Eric Johnson and Kenneth Sheets to come up with possible improvements to the area. If a project does happen at the intersection, it would be state run but include city money.

The meeting will be held at Mt. Auburn Elementary School Auditorium at 6012 E. Grand on Wednesday, Sept. 7  from 6-8 p.m.

Clayton says several ideas to improve traffic conditions and mobility at the intersection will be presented. The meeting is open to the public.

If you plan to attend the meeting you can submit questions ahead of time by sending them to Martha.Gandara@txdot.gov. You can also submit questions during the meeting.

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  • Lee Gibson

    Letting developers get away with building these projects without any consideration for the impact on local traffic, not just here but everywhere, is a significant issue that nobody wants to tackle. Because Big D stands for “developer,” as we know.

  • Thom Prentice

    This is about a bunch of bureaucrats and contractors and engineers and politicians with an off-the-shelf solution desperately trying to find a problem that doesn’t exist. Do they even DRIVE this intersection? What’s the beef? Uphill southbound at evening rush seems to be the biggest problem and that could be fixed with stoplight adjustments. Previous stoplight adjustments and elimination of the northbound merge lanes during repaving solved that issue nicely.

    And “Not the most user-friendly intersection of all time.” Have these guys even been to Paris? To the 11 lane roundabout surrounding the Arc de Triomphe? Try driving that, pal? Closer to home, what about Boston? Just google “Boston map of roundabouts” to see roundabout after roundabout: see why living in the Boston area causes millions of humans to experience one “not-most-user-friendly (roundabout) intersection of all time” every five minutes. Roundabouts made sense in colonial horse-and-buggy daze. Not now. I lived there once; I can tell you lots more about it.

    When the city let upscale Lincoln properties add massive shopping space (and somebody is building massive new apartments on the hill) and required NO roadside improvements, well, THAT was a problem. A Gaston westbound right turn lane for Starbucks and two more would solve a HELL of a lot of screeching tires from slammed brakes, as would a left turn lane at the new YMCA which I suppose the upscale donors could also pay for. (To its credit, whether required or not, the YMCA DID include a right turn lane on eastbound Gaston which certainly improves things.)

    A left turn lane into upscale Lincoln properties’ Subway and UPS and PetVet from westbound Gaston stores would also reduce brake-slamming and tire screeching.

    As would traffic-based computer switching of the lights at the Three Geez. Why just yesterday morning I was heading to turning left from Grand on to Gaston, saw the green light far ahead and accepted that I would have to wait for the next light change. So I began slowing down to stop. Amazingly, the light was STILL GREEN when I got there so I made the light. In the old daze we would say “that does not compute.” Mr. Spock improved the phrase with “that is not logical.”

    Finally a general repaving of bumpy, potholed Gaston from the Three Geez intersection to Whole Foods would be salutary for improving traffic — whether the rich folk who live on Gaston want to endure the distress of not.

    For convenience here is the google boston roundabout search: https://www.google.com/search?q=boston+map+of+roundabouts&espv=2&biw=1242&bih=585&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjA37GU0-7OAhVG12MKHSp4CRUQsAQIIw#imgrc=_