Grant Braudrick

At the end of the day, Grant Braudrick is a fisherman. Sure, the East Dallas resident pays his bills by playing his 12-string guitar, but Braudrick really wants to be out on White Rock Lake reeling in a largemouth bass.

Braudrick says he comes from a long line of fishermen. “Before I was ever a musician I was a fisherman. That’s one of the first things I can remember doing with my dad and my grandpa. Some of my earliest memories are sitting outdoors with family.”

A few years ago Braudrick had a desk job and a music career on the rise. He decided to go all in on the music and leave the world of cubicles behind. Now he plays both solo shows and is part of the band Ole G. He and the band play rock, Americana, blues, folk and even some reggae.

“It kind of comes back to how I was raised. I was always around music. My family on my mom’s side is very musically inclined.”

Focusing on music and playing gigs at night “kind of opened up my week,” he says. So he started using that free time to get back to his roots from his father’s side of the family.   

Grant Braudrick

Grant Braudrick

That passion has turned into something resembling a second job. He’s now a spokesperson for the Austin based Diablo Paddlesports. The company makes three boats that can be used for both stand-up and sit-down water sports. Diablo recently sent Braudrick to Orlando to represent the company during an international trade show.

“It’s pretty much the biggest fishing convention in nation. It’s basically a big fishing party. It’s pretty cool,” he says.

When he’s not being sent to trade shows or performing at live shows the fisherman/guitar player is also winning awards. Braudrick recently won Outstanding Angler for fly fishing largemouth bass on the Llano River and Rod and Reel for largemouth bass on White Rock Lake by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Braudrick might not be able to hit White Rock Lake as much as he would like right now. He’s in the middle of recording a new EP that will be released this fall.

“Once that hits the ground we’ll be moving around,” he says of his upcoming tour.

In the meantime he’ll be playing around Dallas. Later this week Braudrick will be performing with Ole G at the Dallas Arboretum’s Garden Gigs on July 29, and he also plans to play at a police fundraiser in Plano in a few weeks.

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