Polyphonic Spree singer wants neighbors to eat ‘Here’

Here is set to open later this summer.
Here is set to open later this summer.

A cocktail bar on one of East Dallas’ hippest streets is almost here, and it’s being headed by two long-time Dallas musicians.

The frequently robed rock star Julie Doyle, the singer and manager of Polyphonic Spree, and artist, musician and furniture designer Tony Barsotti are opening a cocktail lounge on Garland called Here.

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Doyle told Culture Map that the two spent the better part of a year working on the new location.

“On a limited budget, mostly out of our own pockets, we demoed this place, rebuilt, rezoned, added gas, bathrooms, grease trap, kitchen, the works. It’s a full overhaul. We know every single square inch in that room, and what’s below the ground, too,” Doyle says.

Here is scheduled to open later this summer in Cycling Center‘s former space between Margie’s Wig Salon and the Kitchen Recording Studio at 9028 Garland. It’s also just around the corner from Curious Gardens and Hypnotic Donut.

“We live in East Dallas and want to offer something enjoyable to an area that’s still incredibly underserviced,” Doyle says. “We were drawn to the block and feel lucky to get this space, it was the perfect shell for our ideas. We had zero interest in doing this anywhere else. The location was a huge inspiration.

“And come on, sandwiched between a classic wig shop and a recording studio? We can’t lose.”

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  • Scott Huggins

    Ellz- no, not really. Brad is just pointing out a very simple fact. It did not sound snobbish at all. I love that part of East Dallas so much. However, it’s not Lakewood. Not even that close to the Lakewood neighborhood. I love the eclectic feeling of that area. I will definitely check out “Here” when it opens!

  • Ellz

    Brad sounds like a Lakewood snob.

  • Good point, Brad. We’ve corrected the wording.

  • Brad

    Since when is Garland Road in “Lakewood”? East Dallas…yes. Lakewood…not quite. Even the “White Rock” area is more accurate than Lakewood.