It was only a few years ago that the juicing fad hit Dallas, bringing words like “cold-pressed” “fortified” and “kale” into the popular lexicon. That’s when Junius Heights neighbor Brent Rodgers got in on the action, opening Roots Juices in Oak Lawn in 2013.

“I was on Wall Street for 10 years. I hated it, so I left and took a gap year,” Rodgers says. During that gap year, he traveled extensively, tasting all of the world’s flavors. He wanted to get healthy, so he started juicing in his personal life. Friends started requesting his unique blends, which he packed with big flavors like turmeric, dandelion and mint. Finally someone suggested he open a business. “It was just the encouragement I needed,” he says.

In May, Rodgers opened his fourth store, this time in his own neighborhood, at the Lakewood Shopping Center. Everything is juiced on site using the traditional cold-pressed method to preserve the nutritional value of the produce. Rodgers comes up with all of the recipes himself, which. in addition to your traditional green juice offerings, include some oddities like Bee Well, which mixes carrots and fruits with bee pollen and lavender; or the Liver Cleanse with beets, aloe and ginger.

“I always start with a base ingredient,” Rodgers says. “They always have something with a punch of flavor, like ginger or jalapeño.”

For those less interested in health foods, Roots Juices also has smoothies, enhanced waters and, only at the Lakewood location, a full coffee bar. Juice cleanses also are available in the store for those looking to detox, and while cleanses brought him into the market, Rodgers says it’s not what keeps him there.

“Our customers are less interested in doing cleanses and more focused on stocking the fridge for the week,” he says. “I think more people are interested in a healthy life.”   — Emily Charrier

Roots Juices
1906 Abrams

Ambiance: Bright and relaxed

Price range: $3-$8

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m.-6p.m.
Sunday, 10 .a.m.-5 p.m.

Did you know? A full 3-pounds of produce goes into every single bottle of juice.

TASTE THREE: Just juice it

Buda Juice
Need a pick-me-up when shopping at Mockingbird Station? Swing by Buda Juice for a green, red or orange juice packed with fruits and veggies. The Buda Basilato Soup is like gazpacho you can drink on the go.
5307 Mockingbird Lane (suite 107)

Muscle Maker Grill
While not technically juice, this Lower Greenville spot does offer fruit smoothies and enhanced protein shakes in addition to its regular menu. Be sure to enjoy the kitschy plate names like the “Rocky Balboa” and “Godfather.”
2217 Greenville

Fruteria Cano
This hole-in-the-wall may not look like much from outside, but it packs huge flavors. The grocery store has a juice bar that sells all sorts of blends you need to speak Spanish to fully understand, like the Revoltijos and Hielo Caliente, along with some familiar names such as the piña colada.
800 Beacon

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