From Dallas City Hall

From Dallas City Hall

The City of Dallas plans to start construction on a five-mile, $319 million drainage tunnel in the spring, and a slice of that tunnel will cut through East Dallas.

By 2021 the Mill Creek/Peaks Branch/State-Thomas Storm Drainage Tunnel will “provide storm drainage improvements” to the Mill Creek, Peaks Branch, East Peaks Branch and State Thomas areas of Dallas, according to a fact sheet from Dallas City Hall.

“Once constructed, the areas downstream of the tunnel should have sufficient stormwater capacity to meet the 100-year storm event under current conditions,” the fact sheet states.

The tunnel, which will be 30 feet in diameter, will be buried via a tunnel boring machine at about 100 feet underground, and it will stretch from State-Thomas to White Rock Creek, passing under parts of Deep Ellum and Munger Place Historic District, which is overseen by district 2 councilman Adam Medrano.

Medrano told the Dallas Morning News that he has been working with his constituents to allay fears about construction but he says there’s “a little more work to do” on that front.

You can find more information from this fact sheet from Dallas City Hall, where there is a map available at the bottom. For a better view, check out the map on the Dallas Morning News blog.

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