The Whippersnapper (photo from Facebook)

The Whippersnapper (photo from Facebook)

There will be dancing once again at the space where Slip Inn used to be on Henderson before it closed in early 2014.

The Whippersnapper, also called “The Whip,” opened last night with booze, beats and bites.

You might recognize the brains behind it. Brandon Hays and Phil Schanbaum is the same duo that brought us High Fives, which is right next door on McMillian, Wayward Sons on Greenville and So and So’s in Uptown.

There will be DJs Wednesday through Saturday. The focus is on drinks and music, but guests can also order food from the High Five menu, although Schanbaum says they’re “still ironing out the details” of exactly how that will work, since obviously people can’t legally take alcoholic drinks back and forth between venues, but he says they’re working on it.

The hope is that the bar will be “a comfortable, neighborhood bar that appeals to all walks of life,” Schanbaum says — not unlike what Slip Inn once was.


(from Facebook)

“We definitely pay a lot of respect to Slip Inn,” Schanbaum says. “It was a great bar that was here for a long time and unfortunately it closed. We were looking for a space that had a lot of history behind it.”

If you drive by The Whip, one of the first things you’ll notice is the colorful mural along the outside wall, which has already begun to attract photographers.

“Every single day people come and do photoshoots along the wall,” Schanbaum points out, which wasn’t the original intention behind the mural. “We just wanted to make a really fun mural,” he says, although he certainly doesn’t mind. In fact, he thinks it’s pretty cool, and they’ve been posting photos from said photoshoots to the Whippersnapper Facebook page.


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