A fire at Woodrow Wilson High has shut down the East Dallas school, with hundreds of students left on the field as dozens of fire engines and emergency vehicles crowded Glasgow Drive just before noon on Tuesday.

“Make sure everyone knows no one has been injured, no one has been hurt,” a voice could be heard saying over the police radio outside the school.

First responders on scene declined to comment about the ongoing event. One firefighter simply says, “There’s a fire at the school, that’s all we know.”

While there has been no official word on what caused the fire, several people heard it was an electrical fire that may have damaged all three floors of the aging building. Two Woodrow students standing out on the field reported that the fire was first detected in a wall between a third-floor boys bathroom and the gym, in the historic wing of the building. A teacher who asked not to be identified said he smelled the distinctive burning smell, then felt that the wall of his first-floor classroom was warm to the touch.

Plumes of smoke could be seen billowing from the building from the Advocate’s office on Gaston Avenue.

Parents began to trickle in, understandably concerned until they saw the very organized chaos outside the school, which was well controlled by Dallas police and fire personnel.

“All these administrators are doing a great job, they have it under control,” said Richard Cuccia II.

Students were released for the day, and are allowed to drive home or have a parent pick them up. Some Woodrow students were moved to neighboring JL Long Middle School during the initial evacuation.

This story will be updated as new details become available.

Video: Emergency vehicles pour in outside Woodrow Wilson High School:

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