Although “The Little White Light” is a children’s book, it’s based on the real-life experiences of neighbor Judy Ann Lowe, who authored the story.

The book centers around a little girl named Penny, who is comforted by a little white light that follows her throughout her daily life.

The story is based on a light Lowe started to see when her late husband’s health began to fail him. Every night, a soft blinking light appeared in the corner of her bedroom.

“It wasn’t a strobing light; it was just a soft little blink,” Lowe says. “I thought, ‘OK, who’s in the backyard with a flashlight that shouldn’t be in my backyard?’”

But she never could find the source. Every night she’d say her prayers and look over and there it was, blinking softly.

She never felt any fear. Actually, it brought her comfort. After a while, she began talking to it.

One day, she came home from her work as a retired, part-time teacher, and she turned on her computer to check her emails. In her peripheral vision, she saw the little light sweep by.

Another night, while watching TV in her easy chair, she glanced up and saw the light dart across the doorway.

Penny, the little girl in the book, is based on Lowe as a child. She wrote the story at the encouragement of a friend, who had connections in the publishing industry. She sent it to J. S. Pathways, and sure enough it was embraced with open arms. It was everything a children’s book should be — positive, inspiring and adorable.

After encouraging Lowe to make some tweaks, J. S. Pathways sent it to illustrators Ayuna Collins and David Edward Martin.

The book is now available online on amazon.com and at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

After the success of her first book, Lowe recently released her second, “MJ’s New Friend,” which she describes as being about “acceptance, friendship and finding the courage to do the right thing.”

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