GAPco’s new logo represents the restaurant’s journey

newlogoIf you’ve been to Greenville Avenue Pizza Company lately, you’ve probably noticed the physical changes owners Sammy and Molly Mandell have made to the location.

The front of the building has been completely re-worked, as we wrote about in May, and if you wander inside GAPCo one evening, you might be surprised at how much the interior has changed as well. Rather than a hole-in-the-wall feel, the popular pizza joint has embraced the recent changes on Lowest Greenville by revamping its dining area.

With more daytime traffic on Greenville, Sammy Mandell says he’s even toying with the idea of opening for lunch.

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These physical changes come hand-in-hand with a rebranding effort at GAPCo. You might’ve noticed the new logo on the GAPCo website of a pheonix and a slice of pizza. What does a phoenix have to do with selling pizza? Not a lot, but it has everything to do with selling pizza on Lowest Greenville. In many ways, GAPCo’s story illustrates the recent changes on Lowest Greenville. In order to survive the ups and downs, Mandell had to reinvent his business over and over and over again.

“The whole thing has been crazy having a business down here,” Mandell says. “It started out as, ‘We’re going to do this late-night spot.’ Then, ‘Oh hey, let’s try lunch.’ Then we were only delivery and then we were just trying to stay open. Now, we’ve got to focus on dine-in and delivery, and creating a new look to keep up with everybody.”

And that’s what the phoenix stands for, being reborn and rising from the ashes, Mandell explains. “It’s a symbol that actually means something.”

After a lot of late nights and long hours of just trying to get by, Mandell is excited about the recent shift on Lower Greenville and looking forward to even more (*cross our fingers*) success and stability in the shopping center.

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