Photo by Kim Leeson

Amber Attia, operations manager for Bubble Soccer, instructs players before the start of a game at Griggs Park near downtown Dallas. Bubble Soccer puts players inside inflatable suits: Photo by Kim Leeson

If you haven’t heard of it before, you need to hear about it now, because it has finally reached East Dallas, and it already has neighbors rolling on the floor laughing — literally.

Lakewood neighbor Steve Mosley started Bubble Soccer USA in January. His son has been having tons of success with bubble soccer across the pond in England, so Mosley decided to bring it to the states and rent bubbles and supplies out of his house on Gaston.

As suggested by the name, bubble soccer involves bubbles and soccer, but not the soap-and-water kind of bubbles. In bubble soccer, each player dons a full-body, blow-up bubble made of plastic, similar to a giant, see-through beach ball. Only the players’ legs stick out of the bubble.

Imagine human-sized lollipops kicking a ball around a soccer field.

There are almost no rules in bubble soccer, so smacking into each other is encouraged. Actually, sending your opponents bouncing down the field is kind of the whole point.

“It’s just a laugh,” Mosley says. “And it’s actually a really great workout, because you’re just running around having fun.”

For $20 a person, groups can rent out bubbles and other playing equipment from Mosley and his team. Bubble soccer is for ages 9 and up.

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