From Greenville Avenue Pizza Company's Facebook page

New Years is almost upon us, so if you happen to find yourself driving around Lakewood/East Dallas late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning on the hunt for some carbs, here’s a couple of places to remember:

[list type=”bullet”]
  • Cafe Brazil is always a go-to in late-night emergency food situations because they’re open all night. There are three in or near the neighborhood: One at 2900 Greenville, one at 6420 N Central Expy, and one in Deep Ellum at 2815 Elm. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options. Their french toast is to die for, and they’re offering pumpkin pancakes during the holidays.
  • BuzzBrews is another local favorite 24-hour dining spot. They, too, offer breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert options, from pancakes to tacos. Check out their menu here.
  • We also have two IHOP Restaurants in the neighborhood: One at Abrams and Mockingbird at 4040 Abrams, and one further north at 7830 N. Central Expy. They’re open 24 hours and are known for their pancakes, but they also offer several other killer breakfast options as well.
  • There are several neighborhood pizza places that open in the evenings and stay open until at least midnight: Fireside pies at 2820 Henderson opens at 5 p.m. and is open until at least midnight every night. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company at 1923 Greenville is open late as well, and they offer pizza, wings, meatball sandwiches and more, for those looking for something heavy. Pizza Getti 3320 Buckner also offers a great late-night pizza, and they also allow BYOB.
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