Remember Penny Whistle Park? No? Then you didn’t live in East Dallas in the 80s

Penny Whistle Park sign. (Photo courtesy Josh Miller)
Penny Whistle Park sign. (Photo courtesy Josh Miller)

“Welcome to Penny Whistle Park.”

The rusty old sign still stands in the property at 10717 E. Northwest Highway, now home to Lindsey Tree Service and an indoor soccer center.

Remnants of Penny Whistle Park on Northwest Hwy.
Remnants of Penny Whistle Park on Northwest Hwy.

My Penny Whistle Park memories are fuzzy and tinged with both giddiness and anxiety. One specific memory involves a “man” (probably a 15-year-old park employee) scolding me for sticking my hand in the water on the boat ride. Another is the gut-sick feeling I always experienced exiting the spinning teacup ride (yet never considering not boarding the ride during every visit). The pipe-y music and the whir of the rides generally sent a surge of adrenaline through my little kid body.

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Looking back, the place was an ideal setting for a Stephen King novel.

I mean just check out this video and tell me it is not.

Art by Penny Whistle Park fan John Alexander Taylor, part of his One Last Ride exhibit.
Art by Penny Whistle Park fan John Alexander Taylor, part of his One Last Ride exhibit.

One Dallas artist, John Alexander Taylor, recalls the place so fondly — or perhaps he too was impacted by the emotionally confusing cocktail of joy and terror — that he has placed Penny Whistle Park and its twirling teacups at the center of his latest pop-art series, Peso Whistle Park, on display in Addison this month (Through Oct. 29—details here).

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If you are too young to remember, or missed the Penny Whistle Park days, here’s how the Dallas Morning News, in an article from the 1980s, pitched it:


“At Penny Whistle Park, an indoor amusement arena geared toward the under 12 set, brightly colored rides beckon youngsters, while ice cream parlor chairs provide a spot for mothers to relax and watch their offspring. ‘This is like a mother’s day out, sighed one parent,’ It’s really an ideal spot because you can sit back and talk and since all the rides are for small kids you don’t have to worry about big kids pushing and shoving.'”

The article mentions  Jumping Jack — the giant bouncing bubble. Gertrude, the tic-tac-toe playing chicken in a glass box. And it notes that a party for five children, including hot dogs, eight rides each and balloons runs $15. The “Wee Whistle Wower” party for the high rollin’ parents and offspring costs a whopping $40 and includes unlimited rides for 10 kids. Wower, indeed. No wonder I attended a steady stream of birthday parties right there at those indoor picnic tables.

T-shirt from
T-shirt from

Feeling nostalgic about PWP? You can get the T-shirt here for about $32.

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  • Laura Uhr Valletutti

    That is my daughter with the dark hair in the photo. I am almost 100% sure! Wow! And that was her friend from her birthday party!

  • Lindsey

    Want to go ahead and give me credit for my stolen photo?

  • Gilliansage

    Last time I went there was in about 92, I think. Was a wee bit hung over and noticed all the rides spun, but in the 70s, it was awesome as a kid. Was told by a kid who worked there when it closed that the owner closed it becuz he didn’t like the guy his daughter was marrying and she was running the place. He threatened to close it if she married him. Obviously, she did.

  • TexMarine

    Who owns the lot? The sign must be preserved.

  • Josh Miller

    The most vivid memory of Penny Whistle I can readily recall is of a 4-year-old version of myself riding the Park’s famed boat ride, and a younger, big-haired, shoulder pad-wearing version of my mom (hey, it was the EARLY ’90s…) scolding me for sticking my hand in the ride’s water… Oh, the spankings I got! Lol!

  • reasonableguy99

    Do you guys remeber Mr. Peppermint? Somehow, he and Pennywhistle Park are forever linked in my mind. Perhaps incorrectly, not sure they had anything to do with each other. Other than both being aimed at pre teens in the Dallas area in the late 70’s. Good times.

  • Cody

    I used to love that place as a kid!

  • Now a LH Mom

    My most vivid memory of PWP also is getting in trouble for sticking my hand in the water on the boat ride! Hilarious! And I had completely forgotten about Gertrude, but can now picture that glass box perfectly! Loved this story – so many great memories!