Sounds like Zoës Kitchen is coming to Lakewood

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 12.25.44 PMWe’ve been emailing back and forth with the communications people with Zoës Kitchen about the old Snow Pea space. A few weeks ago Kert Platner, who owned the location before Centric Capital Partners bought it out, heard that Zoës Kitchen was interested in the space. At the time, Zoës said they couldn’t be confirm the rumor, but today in a follow-up email they were singing a different tune:
“Yes, we are very excited about opening in Lakewood… As we get closer to opening, I will certainly reach back out,” wrote a spokesperson.
Since the location wasn’t specified, we’re checking to make sure it’ll be in the old Snow Pea location. But regardless, it sounds like there’s a pretty good chance we’ll have a Zoës Kitchen in Lakewood soon.

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