HUG THE CHEF (Above left) Brandon Pollard of the Texas Honeybee Guild embraces chef Graham Dodds at Central 214 on Mockingbird in East Dallas. Dodds, a fellow beekeeper and rescuer, has supported Brandon and Susan Pollard’s apicultural efforts by including Zip Code Honey in his craft. Through Zip Code Honey and organic-friendly chefs like Dodds, the Pollards hope to reconnect food consumers with their tiny pollinators.
A BEE’S DEATH (Above right) Brandon sweeps dead bees off a rooftop. The Pollards’ bee population is nearly impossible to measure. They’re wild animals, after all, whose numbers wax and wane seasonally. Quantifying their pollinators as hives is an arbitrary measure: A queen and a cup of bees is a colony; 60,000 bees in a box with a queen also is a colony. One thing’s for certain: The Pollards are challenged in maintaining the colonies that weren’t wiped out within the last year. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

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