Mariel Street, co-owner of Liberty Burger and the person overseeing the new location in Lakewood Shopping Center, says Lincoln has started construction at the new site.

“The breezeway is in full framing mode, and the floors and walls are being torn out and cleaned up. The back patio area is down to the studs, and they should be heading that way next,” Street says.

Yes, back patio! Street says this will be the first Liberty Burger with a patio.

LibertyBurgerThe new location will be in the space where Catalina Boutique and the School of Contemporary Ballet Dallas used to be. In part of the Catalina space, Lincoln is going to knock down some major walls and put in a breezeway connecting the front of the building to the back. Liberty Burger will be partially in the be in the space that was School of Contemporary Ballet Dallas, and partially in the Catalina space. When it’s all said and done, there will be a space between Liberty Burger and Beads of Splendor, which we’ve been told Lincoln is looking to fill.

Street says she is very excited about moving to Lakewood and is spending a lot of time and effort on getting to know the area. She wants the new location to be “very Lakewood.”

LibertyBurgerConstruction2“We are not exactly going to change our concept at Lakewood. We will serve the great burger combinations Dallas has come to love, and we’ll do it Liberty style,” she says. “We are going to be morphing the Liberty Burger look to give it a more craftsman feel. I feel like in Lakewood, things are done by hand and sweat, and there is a great sense of craftsmanship to me, in the architecture, the landscaping… that is what I am trying to bring more of into my concept.”

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