Crime: another White Rock area rape

There have been two Lake Highlands break-in/rapes in the last few weeks. Police do not believe they are connected. Map from NBC 5 broadcast.
There have been two break-in/rapes in the Northeast police division in the last few weeks. Police do not believe they are connected.

At about 10 p.m. last Friday (March 15) a man entered a home on Ferndale Road (in the White Rock area just north of Northwest Highway) through a bedroom window and sexually assaulted a woman inside.

If this sounds disturbingly familiar, that’s because a similar incident happened recently, Feb. 22, at a home on the same street.

However, it does not appear that the same person committed both crimes.

Police reportedly have forensic evidence linking 33-year-old Fernando Munoz to the Feb 22 attack as well as attacks that happened in East Dallas and elsewhere.

Munoz has been in Dallas police custody since March 1. He has not yet been charged with the Feb. 22 rape but is being held for  a 2008 Dallas “burglary with intent to commit a sexual act” offense.

The suspect in Friday’s assault is described as follows:

Latin male in his 20s. About 5’8. round chubby face. Short buzz cut and clean shaven. Speaks English but has Spanish accent. Dressed in grey short and jacket at time of attack.

munoz_alleged rapist A current police report says that it is unknown if the two offenses on the same street were committed by the same suspect, but aforementioned evidence in the former case, as well as the description of the suspects by each victim (the first victim’s attacker was described as “5’10, 180, black”), points to two different attackers. In fact, the same report notes that Munoz is considered a strong suspect for the Feb. 22 attack.

And, most importantly, the rapist who hit our neighborhood Friday is still at large.

Anyone with information related to the case should call the sex assault unit at 214.671.3584.

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